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Killer Presentations

by adeangelis

Let’s face it. Making a power PowerPoint and reciting the slides just doesn’t cut it. Depending on the presenter or the venue the audience will have a hard time becoming engaged. And some presentations might not translate well when uploaded to the web or viewed on a mobile device. Luckily, there are some software packages and some resources on the web that can help you be a better presenter.

Brush up on your skills first

Before you put pen to paper or hands to keyboard in this case, brush up on your presentation skills. You can have the flashiest presentation with amazing content but your delivery could be off. Or maybe you are a great speaker but you just don’t know how to organize your thoughts. Check out these books for  some public speaking tips and learn how to organize your content.  Also this video by Accenture is a good overview of the basics:



Presentations on the go



Haiku Deck is a great way of making web and mobile friendly presentations. Sign up for an account to create and share your presentations on the web or on your apple devices. You can hook your iPhone or iPad up to a projector or you can hold your device in your hand to deliver a presentation in any location. Haiku deck provides access to beautiful stock photography and images that you can use to reinforce your presentation. You can even upload your own images if you like.   Sign up is free but you can pay for premium content and pictures. Bonus: You can use your iPhone as a remote through a Bluetooth connection with your iPad or with AirPlay on a Apple laptop or desktop.

Integrating multimedia



Projeqt allows you create presentations that you can easy embed and share across multiple platforms.  Projeqts adjust to any screen and do not require any special software to view them. By embedding social media streams, interactive maps, and other dynamic content, you can keep the presentation material fresh and relevant long after you have stepped away from the podium.  Both presenters and the audience can continue to enhance the presentation.  Another unique feature, is that you can create a layered presentations tackling multiple  topics without getting stuck in the linear PowerPoint pipeline.  Sign up is free.  

Now that you have some new tools in your kit, you will be able to successfully deliver an engaging presentation.

Break a leg and cheers!

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