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Annual Reports & Public Company Information

More information on annual reports available at the Kirstein Business Library Library.


CEO Compensation

Stock Exchanges

Features vary with each web site, but features generally include directories of member companies, links to members web sites, trading statistics, ticker symbol guides, and other information about trading on each exchange.

SEC and International Filings

Financial Planners

    Site of the U.S. Security and Exchange Commissions’ Office of Investor Education and Advocacy which provides tips on how to invest wisely and avoid fraud.
  • Investor Protection Trust
    Investor education and protection brochures such as “Getting Help With Your Investments”.
  • Financial Planning Association
    This association connects those who need and deliver financial planning. Information on how to choose a financial planner.
  • Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts
  • National Association of Personal Financial Advisors
    Financial planning professionals that work on a fee-only basis.
  • Internet Retirement Alliance
    Retirement planning help from un-biased financial planning experts.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

  • FreeEDGAR
    The Securities and Exchange Commission requires companies intending to go public to file registration forms. These forms, called S-1, S-2, SB-1, and SB-2, contain useful information including a business description, financial statements, market price and much of the same information commonly found in public companies’ annual reports.
  • Hoover’s IPO Express  (IPO Central)
    Search for information on companies that have either recently gone public or filed to do so. Browse most recent filings or search by date, with filings back to 1996. This web site also contains links to S-1 filings with the SEC, a FAQ to IPOs, and a four part guide to understanding IPOS with a definition of common terms. Also includes statistical information under the section “IPO Scorecard.”

Guide to researching IPO information at the Kirstein Business Library.

Mutual Funds

  • Brill’s Mutual Funds Interactive
    Offers articles and information on investing in Mutual Funds.
  • Investment Company Institute
    Information on policy, legislation and policy. Click on the Statistics & Research link for detailed statistics.
    Formerly IBC/Donoghue’s Money Fund Directory (no longer published in print), this database provides yield rankings of money market mutual funds.
  • Morningstar
    Provides recent quotes, graphs, and snapshots of the fund performance, largest holdings, and investment objectives. To use the features similar to the print version of Morningstar Mutual Funds, select “Ticker Lookup” on the home page, type in the name of your fund, and press the “return” key.

Stock Quotes

  • Google Finance
  • Yahoo! Finance Historical Quotes.
    Enter a ticker symbol and get quotes for one day or a chart spanning many days. Quotes go back to 1970 and in some cases even earlier. Yahoo! Finance provides unadjusted prices as well as a split and dividend adjusted close. Historical dividend payments and stock splits are also shown.
  • Historical Stock Quotes 1988- present
    Provides closing price for any trading day in the past 10 years. The “Interactive Charting” feature can display intraday prices for the previous 15 days.
  • Pink
    Provides information on Pink Sheets securities including current quotes and price charts that go back 60 months. It will also tell you if a particular company is in Bankruptcy.

Historical stock price information is also available at the Kirstein Business Library.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”)

Stock Market Information