Champions of Reading Summer Challenge for Teens


Do you have what it takes to be a Champion of Reading? How many activities can you complete before summer is over?

Our Summer Reading Program starts on Monday, July 1 and ends on Monday, August 26.

How to Play

Visit your local branch to receive an activity sheet or download one below.

Check in every week with your librarian to show them your progress and to receive a prize. One prize per participant, per week.

Finish all the activities and you will be entered in a raffle to win a grand prize. Visit your local branch no later than Monday, August 26 to participate in the raffle. One entry per participant.

Activity Sheets

Ages 13 – 17: English中文EspañolKabuverdianuKreyòl AyisyenPortuguesaTiếng Việt

Reading Log

If you run out of room in your Activity Sheet to record the books you’ve read this summer you can continue to record them in our Reading Log. Download a copy below or ask your local librarian for a copy.

English, Chinese (Simplified), Creole (Cape Verde), Creole (Haiti), Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Read Your Way to Fenway

Don’t forget about our Read Your Way to Fenway contest.

Did You Know?

Did you know that some children forget what they’ve learned in school during the summer? It’s called the “summer slide” and you can prevent it by participating in our Champions of Reading Summer Challenge. If you’d like to read about the “summer slide” you can do so by going here and here.

Summer Reading Together 2019

Summer Reading Together 2019 is sponsored by the Boston Public Library, Boston Public Schools, WGBH, and Scholastic Press. This book list was compiled by librarians from the Boston Public Library (BPL) and English Language Arts and Library Teachers from the Boston Public Schools (BPS). It was prepared by the BPL Office of Youth Services, BPS, Office of English Language Arts and Literacy and BPS Office of Library Services with support from the BPS Communications Office.

Download the official list here.

You can also view the list for grades 9 -12 in our catalog and find available titles, or place a hold on titles currently in use