​Game On! Video Game History Review

by jsnow

Game On! Video Game History Review

Yo yo ! It’s your girl Ananda here, and looky here what I have exclusively brought to your first attention! There is a new book out here called “Game On! Video Game History”. This book is great for any gamer who is interested in, what else, the history of all the games we hold dear. We hold games like Pac-man, Sonic The Hedgehog , Street Fighter, Grand Theft Auto, etc. These games were all mentioned in this book, and not only did it mention the behind scenes of each games, it gives exclusive tips and cheats within each game. It also gives a very exciting evolution of a series of games starting from Pong and Pac-Man to Mario, Minecraft, and much more. There are fun facts thrown all over the place. The author’s side commentary, (much like mine), are great and lively.

I probably shouldn’t do this but I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is an exclusive Madden Curse. Exposed in this book. In order to crack this secret, ya gotta crack the book and read it. It’s only five paragraphs long, and I mean that fine since in school we practically will in our senior year of college (if you choose to do so), write on average 146 papers/essays.

A few fun facts to share with your friends, (if you have any…it’s okay I will be your friend cause I don’t have many either. I am low key annoying), Pac-Man was first targeted toward the female audience. The mascot was also the very first video game mascot. True facts from the book guys.

Yo, for all you violent gamers, there is a Mortal Kombat evolution as well as a villain list, which I REALLY don’t agree with , but that’s for you to determine.

If you like controversy, this book actually speaks on the save file and how if you sleep that should be the way or some other method. Read that, that subject was an interesting one.

I’m going to end with the sims hacks, Pokemon lovers get to see an evolution, and finally Tomb Raider. That was amazing the fact that Tomb Raider was in it personally made my heart throb.