On the Radar: Five Books to Check Out in July

by vkovenmatasy

Prepare to add some more books to your TBR list, and feast your eyes upon the next literary masterpieces to hit your library shelves! ***Note that due to a hold on purchasing until the new fiscal year, these titles are not yet available for holds, but you can still ask your local librarian to put them aside for you as soon as they come in.***

Please note: all summaries are taken from the Boston Public Library catalog unless otherwise noted. They may have been edited for length and clarity.


Backstagers cover

The Backstagers by James Tynion IV and Rian Sygh

Summary: When Jory transfers to an all-boys private high school, he’s taken in by the only ones who don’t treat him like a new kid, the lowly stage crew known as the Backstagers. Not only does he gain great, lifetime friends, Jory is also introduced to an entire magical world that lives beyond the curtain. With the unpredictable twists and turns of the underground world, the Backstagers venture into the unknown, determined to put together the best play their high school has ever seen. (summary via Goodreads)

Why We’re Excited: Billed as Lumberjanes for theater kids, The Backstagers is the latest super-adorable comic out of BOOM! Studios — who brought us not only the aforementioned adventures of “hard-core lady-types” away at summer camp but Goldie Vance, Giant Days, and Jonesy, to name only a few. They know what they’re doing, is what I’m saying. You better bet I’m checking out The Backstagers as soon as it shows up in my branch! If you can’t wait for the paper copy, you can also use your library card to check out individual issues of the comic on Hoopla.


Buried Heart cover

Buried Heart by Kate Elliott

Summary: In this third book in the epic Court of Fives series, Jessamy is the crux of a revolution forged by the Commoner class hoping to overthrow their longtime Patron overlords. But enemies from foreign lands have attacked the kingdom, and Jes must find a way to unite the Commoners and Patrons to defend their home and all the people she loves. Will her status as a prominent champion athlete be enough to bring together those who have despised one another since long before her birth? Will she be able to keep her family out of the clutches of the evil Lord Gargaron? And will her relationship with Prince Kalliarkos remain strong when they find themselves on opposite sides of a war? (summary via Goodreads)

Why We’re Excited: I feel like this series has been flying under the radar a bit, but now that’s the trilogy is complete (previous books are Court of Fives and Poisoned Blade, if you, like me, need to catch up), it’s a great time to give it a shot! The first book was recommended to me by a trusted friend right after it came out, but I have trouble reading a series when I have to wait a year between books — I tend to forget a lot of important details while I wait. This way, I can save myself the agony of cliffhangers and read all three in one go!


Women in Sports cover

Women In Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win by Rachel Ignotofsky

Summary: Keeping girls interested in sports has never been more important: research suggests that girls who play sports get better grades and have higher self-esteem–but girls are six times more likely to quit playing sports than boys and are unlikely to see female athlete role models in the media. A fascinating collection full of striking, singular art, Women in Sports features 50 profiles and illustrated portraits of women athletes from the 1800s to today including trailblazers, Olympians, and record-breakers in more than 40 different sports. The book also contains infographics about relevant topics such as muscle anatomy, a timeline of women’s participation in sports, statistics about women in athletics, and influential female teams. (summary via Goodreads)

Why We’re Excited: I looooooooved Ignotofsky’s previous collection of mini-bios, Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World — the stories of so many women who struggled against incredible barriers to succeed in their chosen fields are heartbreaking and inspiring, and the art was gorgeous. And I love women’s sports! So this is really a match made in heaven for me.


I See London, I See France cover

I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

Summary: Nineteen-year-old Sydney has the perfect summer mapped out. She’s spending the next four and half weeks traveling through Europe with her childhood best friend, Leela. Their plans include Eiffel-Tower selfies, eating cocco gelato, and making out with très hot strangers. Her plans do not include Leela’s cheating ex-boyfriend showing up on the flight to London, falling for the cheating ex-boyfriend’s très hot friend, monitoring her mother’s spiraling mental health via texts, or feeling like the rope in a friendship tug-of-war. As Sydney zigzags through Amsterdam, Switzerland, Italy, and France, she must learn when to hold on, when to keep moving, and when to jump into the Riviera… wearing only her polka dot underpants. (summary via Goodreads)

Why We’re Excited: What better way to kick off your summer than with a book by Sarah Mlynowski, the queen of the ultimate beach read? If you haven’t read Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) or Don’t Even Think About It yet, you can catch up while you wait for her latest to come in!


The Library of Fates cover

The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana

Summary: No one is entirely certain what brings the Emperor Sikander to Shalingar. Until now, the idyllic kingdom has been immune to his many violent conquests. To keep the visit friendly, Princess Amrita has offered herself as his bride, sacrificing everything—family, her childhood love, and her freedom—to save her people. But her offer isn’t enough. The unthinkable happens, and Amrita finds herself a fugitive, utterly alone but for an oracle named Thala, who was kept by Sikander as a slave and managed to escape amid the chaos of a palace under siege. With nothing and no one else to turn to, Amrita and Thala are forced to rely on each other. But while Amrita feels responsible for her kingdom and sets out to warn her people, the newly free Thala has no such ties. She encourages Amrita to go on a quest to find the fabled Library of All Things, where it is possible for each of them to reverse their fates. To go back to before Sikander took everything from them. (summary via Goodreads)

Why We’re Excited: Fantasy book from the author of sci-fi mind-bender Mirror in the Sky? Based on Indian mythology? Revolving around a library? Yes, please! Not to mention I’m absolutely in love with the cover. Click to see a bigger version — it’s worth it!


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