Medieval Manuscripts

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The BPL's Medieval and Early Renaissance Manuscripts Collection documents the development of Western script and illumination across six centuries. The collection represents a major resource for the study of history and art during the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe, and is among the finest held by any public institution in America. Holdings are rich in liturgical and devotional works, along with classical Latin and Greek texts, works of philosophy, science, law, geography, and a variety of other subjects and genres.

Despite its name, the collection is not strictly limited by standard periodization. Certain later manuscripts, which continue earlier traditions of scribal practice or illumination, are also included, as are a select number of later manuscripts with close associations to materials at the core of the collections.

Information and online access

For detailed information about this distinguished collection, including information about its contents, history, and organization, please consult the BPL research guide, opens a new window.

(Rare Books & Manuscripts)