Adult Summer Reading

Adult Summer Reading 2020 has ended!

Congratulations to our randomly selected prize winners: Elyssa DeAlmeida, Bri Liddell, Stephanie Roberts, Alison Marotta, Alison Trachy, Angela Song, Donna O'Connor, Hannah Lynam, Jackie Bai, Lindsay Popperson, Marissa Ferreyros, Rosie Kahan, Sara Ann Dartley, Taryn Marcorelle, Taylor Laffey, Crystal Rowe, Emily Sullivan, Anne Rousseve, Cheryl Dion, Jordan Peterson, K Takahashi, Kathryn Hill Schrumpf, Brilie Dunigan, Caitlin Fehr, Kalli Catcott, Nicholas Petersen, Timothy Loh, Lauren Gray, Michael Argenyi, Elizabeth Berndt-Morris, Julie Meadows, Marisa Puccini, Nicolette Bardele, Lynnette Allen, Laurie McKechnie, Alyssa Wilson, Cynthia Clemons, Leandra Shields, Nicole Usher, Morgan Young, and grand prize winners Kate Lynn Beasley, Kathryn Soderholm, and
Alexandra Sage Kennedy.

Please come back in June to sign up for Adult Summer Reading 2021! 

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