We Are Pride

We Are Pride: LGBTQ+ booklists, Pride Month Programming, and LGBTQ+ youth & adult resourcesPlease check out our booklists and resources below!

LGBTQ+ Booklists

2019 We Are Pride Booklist

We Are Pride Lists Past & Present

M/M Romance Guide for Adults

F/F Romance Guide for Adults

Romances for the Modern Heart: 15 Queer Romance E-books

17 Books on the Rainbow Spectrum

30th Annual Lambda Literary Awards: 13 Winners in LGBTQ+ Literature

LGBTQ+ Youth & Adult Resources

Explore a guide to LGBTQ+ at the BPLopens a new window, a brief introduction to orientation and identity, a short glossary of terms and definitions, including local resources, online resources, health and wellness resources, and the history of Pride in Boston, and reading and viewing recommendation.

You can find other LGBTQIA Resources here.

See our upcoming pride events here! You can also find Boston Pride events and Boston's Queer Agenda list of events.