Kirstein Business Library & Innovation Center (KBLIC)

Kirstein Business Library & Innovation Center (KBLIC)


Patrons and groups of up to 6 can book a KBLIC Alcove for work or other tasks which may not be accomplished in other areas of the library.
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Innovation Center Resources

KBLIC’s Innovation Center is an inspiring space where patrons can learn, bring their imagination to life, and take their creative pursuits to the next level. Learn graphic design using software tools including Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Break out of 2D design with our 3D printer and computer aided design software. Podcasters, filmmakers, and musicians, record audio and video in our InnoLAB. 

Key Innovation Center Resources:

InnoLAB: Our Bookable Creative Workspace

  • Software: Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Audacity, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, Logic Pro X, Reason, and more.
  • Available Hardware: Camcorder, Keyboard, Headphones, Mics, and Lighting Equipment
  • Green Screen Wall

More Career and Business Resources

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Please note that some of these resources may be unavailable at this time due to the pandemic.

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