A laptop for $50? Learn critical online skills for 21st century success with Tech Goes Home in the BPL!

Libraries often play a major role in getting patrons up to speed with current (and very speedy) trends in technology; particularly where many tasks require some kind of online comfort in the 21st century.  We see everything from job application needs, to creating accounts for a wide variety of services, and just setting up basic email addresses.

Too often, learning a new device or even a basic computer can become daunting, challenging, scary, and "not worth the trouble" - which also includes having internet access in the home. Especially when computers, mobile technology, and the internet have played such a fundamental role to our families, schools, and places of work.

To continue to help address the challenge of providing parents, caretakers, older adults, lower-income adults who do not have a computer or internet in the home, job seekers, and anyone who would tremendously benefit from learning together in the library, we are most pleased to offer Tech Goes Home at specific Boston Public Library locations!  Participants learn together in a fun, respectful community space and after completing 15 required hours of online learning, are eligible to purchase a Google Chromebook computer for the low-cost of $50! In addition, students who complete the program can check out options for low-cost internet in the home. This fall, we'll also be unveiling our Internet Hotspot program - where participants can check out Internet Hotspots to use in their home - all with their library card!  

The next session happening at the Central Library will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6:30 - 8:30pm, or you can view all upcoming events here. Register by calling 617.859.2323 or email Jessica at jelias@bpl.org.

To find out participating libraries holding Tech Goes Home, please visit the BPL Online Calendar. For any other questions, please email Jessica at jelias@bpl.org.