Adult Summer Reading Staff Reviews Part 1

If you're participating in the Adult Summer Reading Bingo Challenge, you might be wondering what are good books to be reading for it, right? Our staff are also participating and are here to tell you what they've been enjoying so far on their journey to Summer Reading Greatness! 

Happy Reading! 

Title: So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

Reviewer: Laura B., Central Library

Bingo Square(s): Read More Bingo - Book About Social Justice

Genre: Nonfiction

Format: eBook

Length: 248 pages

Personal Thoughts: This is a book that I think everybody should read! It is written clearly and concisely, and provides detailed suggestions for how to improve your interactions with others regarding race.

Title: The Baker Street Letters by Michael Robertson

Reviewer: Jane S., Central Library

Bingo Square(s): First in a Series

Genre: Mystery

Format: Print

Length: 277 pages

Personal Thoughts: This is a light, easy mystery with a fun premise. A small law firm moves to a new office on the 200 block of Baker Street in London and a provision of the lease is that they have to answer all letters that Sherlock Holmes! A current letter opened by one of the partners strikes him as odd, as it is inconsistent with a child's letter written 20 years before in crayon that caught his eye in the historic files. How are these two are connected becomes an international story!

Title: The Round House by Louise Erdrich

Reviewer: Jordan D., Central Library

Bingo Square(s): Indigenous Author

Genre: General Fiction

Format: Print

Length:  323 pages

Personal Thoughts: This was a tough read from the point-of-view of a 13-year-old boy whose mother has been raped, as he and his father try to find out who is responsible. That said, it's extremely well-written and hard to put down. 

Title: Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

Reviewer: Paul H., Central Library

Bingo Square(s): Read More Bingo - Genre You Don't Often Read

Genre: Historical Geography

Format: Print

Length: 277 pages

Personal Thoughts: I wanted to read something outside my comfort zone, and I'm enjoying learning about different cultures and countries through this book.

Title: The Moomins and the Great Flood by Tove Jansson

Reviewer: Laura B., Central Library

Bingo Square(s): Read More Bingo - Book in Translation, First in a Series, & Under 200 Pages

Genre: Children's Fantasy

Format: Print

Length: 52 Pages

Personal Thoughts: This was a super cute kids book and I definitely want to read more Moomin books after reading this one. I loved the fantastical cast of characters and the adorable illustrations. I also thought Jansson did a great job of writing a story with just enough adventure and emotion to appeal to children and not talk down to them without overwhelming them.

Title: The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle by Matt Cain

Reviewer: Sarah M., Honan Allston Branch Library

Bingo Square(s): Main Character Over 60 & LGBTQ+ Author

Genre: Adult Fiction

Format: Print

Length: 400 pages

Personal Thoughts: Albert is a 65 year old British postman who is reaching the age of compulsory retirement. He's also a closeted gay man and has led a lonely, fearful life. Albert decides to turn his life around and goes on a search for his long lost love, making lasting friendships along the way. This book warmed my heart, made me cry, and gave me hope for humanity. It was so refreshing to see good people have good things happen to them, conflicts resolved by talking them through in a straightforward manner, and flawed people try to change after learning important lessons.

Title: The Yakuza's Bias by Yatsuda Teki 

Reviewer: Veronica K., Central Library

Bingo Square(s): Author of Color, First in a Series, Under 200 Pages, Read More Bingo - Book in Translation

Genre: Manga

Format: Print

Length: 160 pages 

Personal Thoughts: If you're looking for anything deep or serious, look elsewhere — but if the premise "a gangster discovers the joy of K-pop fandom" sounds like a very silly, very fun treat, that's exactly what this is! The Yakuza's Bias isn't taking itself seriously, but the humor is never mean-spirited, either, and it's a sweet reminder that we can all find a source of happiness in unexpected places. 

Title: One Night of Passion by Erica Ridley

Reviewer: Laura B., Central Library

Bingo Square(s): LGBTQ+ Author & Under 200 Pages

Genre: Historical Romance

Format: eBook

Length: 200 pages

Personal Thoughts: Erica Ridley is one of my favorite romance authors, and I've been working my way through her back catalog this year. This is the third book in the Wicked Dukes series (which does not need to be read in order), and I've loved every book in the series so far! This book follows Thad, a secret romantic looking for a wife who will love him for his personality instead of his money, and Priscilla, a woman who is determined to avoid marriage and gain control of her inheritance. Priscilla and Thad were both wonderful, lovable characters which made their relationship easy to root for.