Books for Podcast Fans: Dear Sugars

In their long-running Dear Sugars podcast, authors Cheryl Strayed and Stephen Almond answer their listeners’ biggest, most heart-wrenching life questions. Many podcasts offer listener advice - I've enjoyed Totally Married and Anna Faris is Unqualified myself. The Sugars, however, have transformed advice-giving into a true art. They respond deeply to each listener, and their advice overflows with thoughtful empathy. No matter how mundane, complex, or life-altering the problem, The Sugars treat each question with grace, sensitivity, and compassion. 

What’s better for book lovers? Strayed and Almond are bibliophiles who believe that great literature makes a difference in the lives of readers. They often call up their literary friends for second opinions. On-air guests have included literary giants such as George Saunders, Ann Patchett, and even Oprah!

If you’re a fan of Dear Sugars, I’m guessing you like beautiful writing about difficult human situations. To you, I’d recommend one of these agonizing but life-affirming reads.

If You Listen to Dear Sugars...

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