Check Out What’s Cooking!

With the holidays coming so soon, we are sure that you are all on the lookout for the best cookbooks out there. You will need inspiration, recipes, and a list of ingredients to create the best meals for your family, especially as the weather gets chillier and you want to hunker down with something filling and authentic. The good news is Boston Public Library’s staff across all locations have cooked something tasty up for you, and just in time for all the family and friendly dinners you're bound to have.

Every year at the Boston Public Library, there is a tradition called the Cookie Crawl where staff share food and fun. In the fall of 2021, we formed the idea of creating a staff cookbook to make up for the pandemic years during which the Cookie Crawl could not take place.

We discovered making a cookbook takes a lot of effort! First, we had to form a Cookbook Committee. Then, we had to gather recipes, test them, edit them, reach out to current and former employees, design them, and ensure this was the best product we could put out.

We are so excited to share with you Check Out What’s Cooking! A Collection of Recipes by BPL Staff. Please enjoy!