Digital Newspaper and Magazine Resources at the BPL

Did you know you can access digital newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New Yorker, and many more for free with your BPL library card?  

These digital resources can help you stay up-to-date on news, current events, and timely conversations—all from your computer, tablet, or smartphone!  

Below is a roundup of some of the digital newspaper and magazine resources that are available with a BPL library card. You can also view a comprehensive list of digital newspaper resources at the BPL, and a comprehensive list of digital magazine resources at the BPL on our website.

Digital Newspaper Resources  

  • The New York Times (current edition) – This resource provides unlimited access to content from, with no article limit. A limited number of 72-hour passes are available daily for home or remote use. Patrons will need to access this resource through the BPL website.  
  • The Wall Street Journal (current edition) – This resource provides unlimited access to current coverage. Patrons will need to first create a free WSJ account to receive a 72-hour pass. Once the pass expires, patrons can log back into their existing account to receive another pass. Patrons will need to access this resource through the BPL website.  
  • AP Newsroom – This database provides access to both current and older Associated Press content, including AP photographs, graphics, audio, and articles.  

Digital Magazine Resources  

  • Flipster Digital Magazines – With this resource, patrons can explore, download, and read current magazine issues on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Back issues of certain titles are available.  
  • PressReader – This resource provides full-page and article reproductions of thousands of U.S. and international newspapers and magazines from the last three months.  
  • OverDrive Magazines – This resource has over 3000 popular magazines, including several in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and more. All magazines are instantly available, and do not count towards the number of checked out OverDrive items.  

Pro Tip: Curious to know if the BPL offers access to a particular magazine or newspaper online? You can search the eJournal Portal to find out. If the BPL has a particular publication, there will be a list of the databases to which the BPL provides access along with a link to the publication.  

Interested in seeing a live overview of these digital resources? Join our upcoming virtual workshop on April 7th from 11-12 p.m. Register in advance.