Hello from Computer & Technology Instruction!

We are Jess and Caren, and we are pleased as punch to be bloggers for the newly redesigned website!  In addition to visiting us in the Community Learning Center at our classes and workshops, this is another unique opportunity to follow our adventures, interests, and skill sharing via a blogging platform.  Among the types of content you'll find here are:

  • Highlights of our favorite apps and new technologies existing today
  • Tips and tricks on computer, tablet, and smartphone related tasks
  • Special features of our BPL e-resources including favorite online classes and other tools
  • Notifications of upcoming special workshops and classes
  • Interviews with you, our fellow library patrons! We want to find out what you love about learning new tech skills at the library, your favorite resources, what you wish to see. 
  • Really cool websites to check out because we just think you'll like them.

Below you'll find a little more about each of us. If you have any questions or comments regarding our classes, workshops, or how we can help with all things computer and tech instruction, we would love to hear from you! Email us at computerworkshops@bpl.org or by calling 617.859.2323 .

Hello! My name is Caren Rosales and I am the Instruction Librarian here at the Boston Public Library!  When people hear the word “librarian” they tend to say “Hey Caren, that’s great! I wish I could sit around and read books all day!”  Well, my friends, I also wish I could sit around and read books all day, but unfortunately, I do not have that luxury.  As the Instruction Librarian, my primary responsibility is to teach many of the adult learning technology courses.  If you have ever taken a “Tablets for Beginners” class or dabbled a bit in “Intro to Microsoft” at Copley, chances are, you have seen my face.   I am far from quiet and am usually the one dancing with excitement before each class begins.  Even though I don’t read all day, I am one of the lucky few who absolutely loves their job.  I swear I‘m not just saying that for the sake of this blog post.  I honestly enjoy coming in everyday, interacting with different people, and teaching.  I never have the same day twice, and that keeps me on my toes! The classes I enjoy teaching the most are “Internet for Beginners,” any tablet related class such as “Cooking with Apps,” and “Downloading vs. Streaming.” When I am not working at the library I enjoy watching Jeopardy, walking around Castle Island to see the planes fly overhead, and searching for constellations in the night sky.  I am a nerd through and through and proud of it!  If you are ever in the Copley area, stop by and say hello! Don’t forget to grab the monthly Adult Learning Calendar while you are there!

Bonjour! My name is Jessica (Jess) Elias, and I am the Curriculum Development Coordinator for the Boston Public Library. Each month, I put together our calendar of classes and workshops based on monthly themes and events, popularity, and by listening to what you want to hear! We always try to add something a little different; whether a new topic, or a new way of teaching (Ex: Learning Circles!). I also assist Caren with teaching our classes as well. My favorite classes to teach are Smartphone Photography, Cloud Storage, Computers for Beginners, and anytime I can help a patron succeed in building a resume, cover letter, searching for jobs, practicing for interviews, or just having a comfortable place to chat with a librarian. Caren and I also are working on outreach to bring in local organizations with missions we feel are really valuable and helpful to the public! Please drop in anytime to say hello or to check out a class.  In my spare time, I volunteer handing wildlife care with birds of prey (pictured here with a RAVEN!), collect vintage sunglasses, and enjoy being outdoors.