Illustrated Songbooks, Part III

This post is part of the Illustrated Songbooks series.

Songbook Illustrated by Jessie Shaw Fisher

Child Songs From Hawaii, music compiled by Elsa Cross and Ermine Cross

Jessie Shaw Fisher was born in 1887 in Hawaii. She was an artist that taught art courses at the University of Hawaii and illustrated a few books.

Elsa and Ermine Cross were kindergarten teachers in Honolulu in the early part of the 20th century.

Songbooks Illustrated by Walter Crane

Pan-pipes, music by Theo Marzials

The Baby's Bouquêt, songs compiled and arranged by Lucy Crane

Walter Crane was an English artist and illustrator who was born in 1845. He was an influential member of the Arts and Crafts movement. Along with Kate Greenaway and Randolph Caldecott, he is considered to be one of the great children’s book illustrators of his time.

Theo Marzials Theo Marzials was born in England in 1850 and was a poet, singer, and composer. In his arrangements of the melodies in “Pan-Pipes,” he wrote that he had “taken a singer’s license in the way of slight alterations,” comparing that to what pipers might do with familiar melodies to make them their own. In spite of his musical output, he is probably best known as the author of what some call the worst poem in the English language, “A Tragedy.”

Lucy Crane, Walter Crane’s older sister, was born in England in 1842. She worked primarily as an educator and art critic, but collected and wrote original verses to nursery rhymes. The Crane family members collaborated on several works and “The Baby’s Bouquet” is one of the songbooks that she chose, writing the arrangements of the songs included.