Share Your Story: Learn Something New

“One benefit of Summer was that each day we had more light to read by.” – Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

It may not feel like it, but summer is coming. It’s Summer Reading Program time, which begins on June 1.  Are you ready?

Boston Public Library Share Your Story 2020 Adult Summer Reading

This year’s adult summer reading theme is "Share Your Story." If you choose to share a library memory with us and on social media use #BPLShareYourStory. Learn more about this, the other challenges, prizes and how to register at our website. Find summer reading for children or teens here.

With more light for more reading time, try to use your sense of wonder. Take part in our bingo challenge. Time spent reading, listening, writing, storytelling and learning counts!

We have some ideas to inspire you to complete all the bingo squares that you choose to do (go ahead, get competitive!) 

 “Learn Something New” and fulfill a life-long dream too!  

This blog features resources to help you with the "Learn Something New" bingo card square.

So you’re wondering, “How can I learn something new?” Well, put on your explorer hat for a website learning safari: Find out how you can learn and discover with us. 

Safari Stop #1: Now is a great time to learn new job skills, technical skills or explore careers:


Safari Stop #2: What “pleasure/leisure” learning do you yearn for?

Not sure where to start? Check out staff guides and book lists on diverse topics. We also have in-depth college-level courses. Here are some highlights:

Safari Stop #3: Inspired to “Share Your Story?” 

  • Explore Writing Fiction to find oodles of resources for budding authors.
  • Do you prefer webinars? Try LinkedIn Learning writing tutorials.
  • Find more about writing on Kanopy.

Safari Stop #4:  Prepare for a travel adventure. 

Learn the language of your ancestors or vacation destination with Mango Languages.

Safari Stop #5: Attend one of our events, which for now are online only.

You can explore them here.

Safari Stop #6: Want learn about and research investment opportunities?

Find company & industry information business research resources. Questions? Kirstein staff is here to help.

Safari Stop #7: “How do I do that on my _____?

Book an Open Tech Lab Appointment to better know your computer, phone or tablet.

Need more ideas? Email us for help. We’re here to help you on your learning safari, and to support your summer reading goals.

No email? Call a librarian  - or try our new chat service: Here, during limited hours (via text box, but you need a computer or phone).