Library Conversation: To Vote Or Not To Vote

2018 is a midterm election year, where people can cast their ballot for new (or re-elect existing) representatives on the federal and local level. This year, 36 out of 50 Governors, all 435 House seats, and 35 Senate seats are up. 2014 was the lowest midterm election voter turnout since WWII. Turnout of the voting-eligible population was only 36.4 percent, according to the projection from the United States Elections Project. Many people are wondering what kind of turnout this year will bring. What is it about voting that inspires us to participate or turn away, feeling it’s not worth our effort? Or is there some other reason?

Join us in our first informal Library Conversation: To Vote or Not To Vote, held in the Community Learning Center Classroom on Friday, November 2nd at 1pm. This is not a class per-se, just a chance to share many view points from members of the community, facilitated by a librarian.