Love Dark, Gothic, and Creepy?

Then Jennifer McMahon is the author for you!

She is certainly one of my favorites!

Based in Vermont, she has written just eight books, but they are absorbing page-turners that are haunting, evocative, and horrifically thrilling. This bestselling storyteller crafts edge-of-your-seat thrillers featuring women confronting extraordinary circumstances. Her gift is the deliciously twisty way she subverts all your expectations. You really will not guess the endings!

Here are a few must-reads:

Promise Not to Tell

Did a ghost commit murder?

Kate Cypher, a 41-year-old school nurse returns home to New Canaan, Vermont, to care for her mother who's afflicted with Alzheimer's. On the night she arrives, a young girl is murdered—a horrific crime that eerily mirrors the brutal slaying of her childhood friend, Del, three decades earlier. Now, as this new murder investigation draws Kate irresistibly in, her past and present collide in terrifying, unexpected ways. Nothing is quite what it seems, and the ghosts of her childhood have emerged to haunt her.

Interweaving past and present, this is a story of friendship, secrets, murder, and redemption.

Also, the "Potato Girl" is utterly unforgettable.

The Winter People

If one of your loved ones died, what would you do to bring them back to you, even if only for a short time?

This tale of ghostly secrets and dark choices takes us to rural West Hall, Vermont, a town known for strange disappearances. The most legendary victim is Sara Harrison Shea. In 1908, she was found dead in the field behind her house just months after the tragic death of her daughter, Gertie. Now, in present day, 19-year-old Ruthie lives in Sara's farmhouse with her mother, Alice, and her younger sister, Fawn. When their mother suddenly vanishes without a trace, it's up to Ruthie to track her down. Desperate for clues, she discovers Sara's diary hidden in her mother's bedroom, opening Ruthie's eyes to a world of "sleeper" souls—and the desperate mourners who dare to wake them.

Be careful what you wish for. . .


A machine that can contact the dead? Really?

Eva Sandeski, known as "Necco" on the streets, has been a part of the underworld in Ashford, Vermont, ever since her father, Miles, drowned in a flood. A respected professor, he was also an inventor of fantastic machines, including one so secret that the plans were said to have been stolen from Thomas Edison's workshop. According to her mother, Lily, it's this machine that got him murdered. When Lily dies under mysterious circumstances and Eva's boyfriend is murdered, she finds herself on the run from the killer, a man called "Snake Eyes." Aided by unlikely allies, Eva must confront her own past, unravel the fantastical stories her mother told her, and solve the mysteries that have haunted her family for decades.

Now, you may notice that McMahon has a formula. Her novels are always set in a small town in Vermont, where something mysterious happened in the past that is coming back to haunt (sometimes quite literally) the present-day characters. Do I mind that she has a formula? No. Because I like her formula. It works.

More than just murder mysteries, her stories are suspenseful thrillers with a touch of the paranormal. Just my kind of reads!

I happen to own the three books I mentioned above. I am constantly on the lookout for the rest. They are that good!