Now Read This! November 2021: Biography & Memoir Recommendations

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Q1: Musicians or Inmates? Musicians → Q2: R&B or Rap? R&B: Baby Girl by Kathy Iandoli, Rap: From the Streets of Shaolin by S.H. Fernando | Inmates → Q3: Inmate-turned-lawyer or female inmates fighting wildfires? Lawyer: Redeeming Justice by Jarrett Adams, Fighting Fires: Breathing Fire by Jaime Lowe.

This Month's Recommendations:

Baby Girl

This definitive biography of the late R&B artist looks at her career in both music and acting, which was cut short by a tragic plane crash at age 22 just as she was crossing into superstardom.

From the Streets of Shaolin

This definitive biography of rap supergroup Wu-Tang Clan features decades of unpublished interviews and unparalleled access to members of the group and their associates.

Redeeming Justice

A pioneering lawyer recalls the journey that led to his exoneration from a crime he didn't commit—and inspired him to devote his life to fighting the many injustices in our legal system.

Breathing Fire

The female firefighters from California's Correctional Camps risk their lives for a dollar an hour even as the forces of climate change, economic disparity, and historical injustice have made their jobs even harder.