Oh, the Little Ones!

Even the smallest victims deserve justice. Something as horrific as murder touches the lives of youngsters in these shocking page-turners. Given the painful subject matter of these books, one even inspired by a true story, expect to have your heart just ripped out with emotion for all involved.

Little Deaths

It's 1965 in Queens, New York, and Ruth Malone wakes to discover her two small children are missing. Soon their bodies are discovered and Ruth becomes the prime suspect. Seen through the eyes of the cops, the empty bourbon bottles and provocative clothing which litter her apartment, the piles of letters from countless men, and her little black book of phone numbers, make her a drunk, loose woman and therefore, a bad mother. A rookie tabloid reporter, determined to get his name in the papers, begins digging into the case. Becoming increasingly obsessed with Ruth, he sees that there's something more to this woman whom the prosecutors, the press, and the public have portrayed as a promiscuous femme fatale.

Did she kill her own children, is she a victim of circumstance, or is there something even more sinister at play?

Inspired by a true story, Flint's debut is compelling literary crime fiction at its finest.

The Hiding Place

Janet Manning's brother disappeared twenty-five years ago when he was four years old. His little body was found in a shallow grave in the woods two months later. His death rocked the small town of Dove Point, Ohio and destroyed his family. Now, with the anniversary of his death looming, a detective and a newspaper reporter have raised new suspicions. Could the man convicted of the murder really be innocent? Friends and strangers alike claim to know the truth. But who, and what, can Janet believe?

Is the true killer closer to the Manning family than they ever could have imagined?

With twists I didn't see coming, Bell's powerful novel was difficult to put down. My favorite kind of read!

Where They Found Her

An idyllic suburban town. A devastating discovery. Shocking revelations that will change three lives forever.

At the end of a long winter in well-to-do Ridgedale, New Jersey, the body of a newborn is found in the woods fringing the campus of the town's prestigious university. No one knows the identity of the baby, what ended her very short life, or how she came to be found among the fallen leaves. Molly Sanderson, a journalist for the local paper and a mother still recovering from the loss of her own stillborn child, is tasked with covering the story. However, her assignment quickly turns from standard local news coverage to a conspiratorial investigation. As more facts surrounding the infant's death arise, it becomes clear not all is as it seems in Ridgedale.

What really happened to this innocent little one?

Told through the perspectives of three women who find they have far more in common than they thought, McCreight's profoundly moving novel is a thrilling investigation into the darker side of polished suburbs.

I absolutely loved these gripping, intense reads. With disturbing mysteries to solve, these well-written page-turners also explore the capacity for the good and evil in us all. Not all is as it seems in any of these families and even you, as the reader, will not know who to trust.