Perfect? Really?

Is anyone ever truly perfect?  I don't believe it!  And you won't either—especially after reading these thrillers. Set in homes that belie the truth, these unputdownable tales will have you questioning your own relationships with family and friends. But maybe that's a good thing...

The Perfect Mother

A mother's worst nightmare comes true when her newborn is snatched from his crib during her one night out with friends. These friends, the May Mothers, begin their own search for baby Midas when they all come under suspicion and the media starts snooping into their lives. Each is found to be harboring a secret, but these women won't give up until Midas is home again. But where is he?

The Perfect Girl

Zoe, a musical prodigy who excels at the piano, performs at a recital one evening. Later, her mother is found dead in their home. Having already served time for a car accident that killed her friends, Zoe is hounded by the police when she becomes a suspect in her own mother's murder. Did she or didn't she?

What really happened on those nights and who is responsible? With the police bungling each of these cases, the protagonists find themselves investigating these crimes in order to solve their own particular mystery and to clear their names.

Both are page-turners with any number of possible suspects and an urgent need to discover the truth. And with, of course, what all thrillers have, the inevitable twist at the end. I do love those twists!

Now, with this next book, the question is not who did it but why.

The Perfect Nanny

Set in an upscale neighborhood in Paris, a professional couple hire Louise to look after their two young children. Myriam and Paul are pleasantly surprised at their new nanny's efficiency and even take her on their summer vacation to Greece. Within an atmosphere of creeping dread, they find Louise dominating their lives in unwelcome ways. Soon their idyll is shattered by an unsettling, horrific crime.

Even though you know something terrible is coming, you can't resist turning the pages. And that's what makes it unputdownable!

Oh, and I love these titles—all with the word "perfect" in them. Because no one is perfect, right? Or are they...