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Romance for Audiobook Month

June is Audiobook Month! Check out one of these downloadable audiobooks from the library today.

25 Award Winning Reads for Summer 2019

Need to fill your "Award Winner" square in the Boston Public Library's 2019 Adult Summer Reading Bingo Game? Pick up one of these...
BostonPL_KirstenD said:

I don't often pick up mystery novels, but this intense murder mystery starring a wrongfully accused trans woman hairstylist had me enthralled! This is…

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Archives of Sexuality & Gender

You can now connects with rare and unique documentation of LGBTQ+ history through fully-searchable newsletters, government documents...

Research Guide to Boston's LGBTQ+ History

Since sexual orientation & gender identity is often hidden, finding reliable information about that history can be difficult. This guide...

Lambda Literary Awards 2019: 18 Winners in LGBTQ Literature

This list includes some of the Lambda Literary award titles, along with the category for which they won. To see the full list of winning...

Queer Fiction Blog: June 2019

Welcome to Pride Month, June 2019! For this month's Queer Fiction Blog, we have highlighted some of our favorite books from the Boston…

LGBTQ+ Middle Grade Fiction

Middle school can be confusing & lonely, especially when you're not straight or cisgender. These 14 books about LGBTQ+ tweens... #BPLPride

Reading Rainbow: LGBTQ+ Books with Colorful Titles

This Pride, celebrate the spectrum of queer identities with these 11 books featuring LGBTQ+ individuals and a rainbow of titles! #BPLPride

The F/F in SFF: Lesbian Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Happy Pride Month! These deliciously dark reads combine science fiction/fantasy with horror and lesbian leading ladies.
BostonPL_JordanD said:

This certainly won't be for everyone, but I loved it. It's told in nonlinear fashion, yet the prose is beautifully written with such emotion! It's at once…

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Diversity in Sci-Fi: Why Representation Matters

Welcome to Diversity in Sci-Fi! My name is Kirsten, and starting next month, I will be reviewing new, diverse, science fiction books.…

Looking Back at Stonewall

The 2019 theme for Boston Pride is “Looking Back, Loving Forward.” For the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, read some poetry writ...

Guide to LGBTQ+ Youth & Adult Resources

Find Books, groups, healthcare, movies & more for those who are Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender/Two-Spirit...

Queer Fiction Blog: May 2019

We have some great reviews for you this month, including a contemporary romance, a mystery/romance series, and a horror series!

We Are Pride 2019: 74 Books for Children, Teens & Adults

We Are Pride is a list of books published in the previous year for all ages concerning the diverse experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.
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