7 Films to Inspire Entrepreneurs and Innovators

“How can I be more innovative?”  This is the question I came away with after attending the latest Boston HubWeek conference.  After three days of learning about innovations in business, art, and technology, I was eager to learn even more, so I decided to put on my "Innovator Cap" to see what helpful resources we offer through the BPL’s Kanopy app.

What is Kanopy?

Kanopy, opens a new window is an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries. It offers a large collection of award-winning films, documentaries, courses, and webinars you can view for free on your computer, smart device, or at the library.

Some Kanopy Tips:        

- Watch our Kanopy tutorial

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Searching Kanopy using “business” and “innovation” I found many courses and documentaries.

Here are seven to get you started with innovators and innovations in business.

#1 Creative Thinker’s Toolkit: How to Think Creatively, opens a new window            

This is a 24-lecture series. It explores “What, exactly, is creativity?” The Great Courses. (Clips approx. 30 min.).

Topics include:

- History and nature of human creativity

- How play, passion, practice and purpose enhance creativity
- Creative styles: adaptors and Innovators

- Stages of the creative process

- Brainstorming

- Idea tools, Leadership, and more

#2 Leadershi, opens a new windowp for Innovation, opens a new window

What kind of leadership is needed when innovation is your competitive advantage? Professor Hill reviews leadership approaches of successful businesses including Pixar, eBay Germany, Google, and more!. Linda A. Hill, 2009. (55 min.)

#3 What Green Can Be, opens a new window

Learn about the innovative steps one small town takes to encourage green building and understand the history of the environmental movement. Lauren Speeth, 2013. (22 min.)

#4 Free Radicals of Innovation, opens a new window

Anyone can learn to innovate. Watch these interviews with some of the nation's leading innovators - including Guy Kawasaki, Moira Gunn (TechNation), and Rob Legato (Sony Pictures Imageworks) - to learn how to use your creativity too. 2005. (71 min.)

#5 Normal is Over: Innovative Solutions to Global Decline, opens a new window

This award-winning documentary explores our wisest responses to global issues. Renee Scheltema, 2016. (113 min.)

#6 The Risk Matrix: How to Manage Innovation Risk and Reward, opens a new window

Professor George Day examines how growth leader companies balance incremental growth with breakthrough opportunities. Day then demonstrates how to develop strategic product plans for “little I” and “Big I” projects. Damon Meyer, etc, 2004. (49 min.)

#7 Customer-Centric Innovation, opens a new window

Ms. Lee presents five practices for sustained innovation by becoming customer focused. Lara Lee, M. Quijano, 2012. (54 minutes)

Hungry for  More? Here are four books to boost your creativity :

Year of Yes

The Innovator's DNA

Big Magic


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