Massachusetts Secretary of State Corporation Records

Trying to find information on a private Massachusetts company?  The Massachusetts Secretary of State Corporation Records is a good place to start.

You can search by entity, identification number, file number, or by individual. In the search example below, I will search on the entitiy "Kraft Group".

Here is a link to the full record for this entity.  Within this record you will see a reference to filings for that company.

Click on "ALL FILINGS", then "View Filings" to see additional information about that entity such as their 2017 Annual Report or their Application for Registration.

Corporation Card File Search
Also give the corporation card file search a try.  I’ve found this link helpful when searching for business histories.  Date organized, change of address, merger information are some of the pieces of information that can be found.

Is your company based in another state?  Here are the other State Corporation Databases.