November is Family Literacy Month

"Family Literacy" is a term for children and adults learning together. Literacy runs in families. When adults struggle with reading, they have more difficulty supporting their children's literacy. Since early literacy begins in the home, two-generation education is important. Parents and caregivers are their children's first and best teachers. In 1994, Congress named November 1 National Family Literacy Day. The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) now honors family literacy throughout November.
The Boston Public Library (BPL) supports families as children's first and best teachers. At story time we don't just teach children the ABCs. We model tools caregivers can use to support their children's learning at home. Story time activities help kids learn:
  • how to hear different sounds
  • how to put sounds together to make words
  • how to find rhyming words
  • how to count syllables
  • how to recognize writing
  • and more!
Repeating the rhymes and songs at home strengthens children's understanding. If you are learning English, practice the songs along with your children. Your skills will improve too. Singing songs and telling stories in your home language is also important. BPL children's librarians are eager to learn songs in other languages to support literacy in your home language. Bilingual programs allow you and your children to explore a new language together.
25% of adults in Suffolk County struggle with literacy. The BPL guide to literacy resources helps adults find literacy programs. The guide includes programs at the library and in the community. The BPL guide can help you find: