October 29th is National Cat Day

October 29th is National Cat Day. National Cat Day was established to bring awareness to the plight of homeless cats and to encourage people to adopt cats. Every year, thousands of cats and kittens are looking for home. Many cats that people see on the streets are cats that have been abandoned by people and have gone on to have litters of kittens.

Sometimes, people cannot keep their cats because they get sick or have to move away. Animal shelters often help those cats find new homes. Many shelters rely heavily on volunteers and people who want to help the staff take care of the many animals who live in the shelter.

Right here in Boston, there are two well-known shelters, the MSPCA (Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Animal Rescue League. Throughout the year, cats live at the shelter for short and long periods of time. There are small animal rescues all around the Boston area too. Some of these rescues are a network of foster homes for cats and teams of caring people. They rescue and get veterinary help for abandoned and feral cats.

On National Cat Day, consider donating your time or resources to a shelter or adopting a cat from a shelter.

October 29th is National Cat Day!

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It's National Cat Day! A day that was established to encourage cat adoption and bring awareness to the number of homeless and abandoned cats in the United States. Check out the books and video below for some adorable stories about cats who found their fur-ever homes.

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