Social Justice in Education

Class is in session! A new school year brings new opportunities for students. As we settle into new school routines, it’s important to remember that some students fought against oppression just to be able to go to school. Many children and families have fought hard for the right to have an education. Sometimes, those fights have turned into court battles and have gone all the way to the Supreme Court. There are books on this list for both picture book readers, and chapter book readers. 

To better understand why our schools are the way they are today, we can look at the past to see what hardships other children faced. Some children weren’t allowed to go to school because of the color of their skin, others were not allowed to attend school because of their gender. This booklist is based on real people who have overcome hardships on their paths for a better education. What struggles are different than yours? What struggles are the same? We hope these books will help you learn from others and inspire you to excel!

Social Justice in School

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Kids can make a difference! Read more about how kids have fought for change in the following books.

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