Wee the People: Exploring Social Justice with Kids

You may have noticed the name Wee the People popping up at events across the both the library system and the city in the past few years, and maybe you weren't exactly sure what they were actually doing. If not, now's your chance to find out more about this awesome organization! 

Wee The People is an arts-based series of programs and events for kids that explores social justice and the power of protest. Wee The People offers storytimes and other programs around a variety of topics, including racism, gentrification, and environmental justice for kids of all ages. The founders, Tanya Nixon-Silberg and Francie Latour, also offer workshops for parents and educators.

The ABCs of Racism is "a workshop for parents and educators to explore the barriers that prevent adults from talking about racism with kids and identify strategies to begin the conversation about the complexities of race, racism, and racial differences."

To find the next Wee the People event at the library, check out our events page here. There may be an event at your neighborhood branch, or this could be a great reason to visit a new branch of the BPL!