Central Library Projects

McKim Study

In FY19 planning will begin on a re-imagining of the non-renovated floors of the McKim building at the Central Library in Copley Square. Immediate improvements will include repairs to the Courtyard fountain and repairs and updates to the Dartmouth Street plaza and entrance, including accessibility improvements.

Rare Books

In 2018 BPL completed an inventory of its Rare Books & Manuscripts Department's nearly 235,000 rare books and one million manuscripts in preparation for a $15.7 million renovation of the department. The renovation will focus on environmental and mechanical improvements to better regulate temperature and humidity control of the department's collection storage areas, staff spaces, conservation lab, and public reading room. This capital project continues the Boston Public Library's renewed commitment to improve intellectual control and custodianship of all its special collections that began with the Print Department inventory launched in 2015.