Digitization: Before You Apply

BPL & Digital Commonwealth Statewide Digitization

Before You Apply

  1. The service is available to organizations interested in digitizing collections of photographs, manuscripts, or other non-bound, unique items and/or a series of books or bound volumes.
  2. Although not required for the commencement of services, membership in Digital Commonwealth is highly encouraged as a way to build support for the organization and its affiliated programs. Find information about Digital Commonwealth membership fees, rights, and responsibilities here.
  3. Applicants are encouraged to consider whole collections (or well-defined sub-units thereof) for digitization, rather than targeting a specific quantity of items. In general, the number of images each organization may have digitized is limited to approximately 50 bound volumes (15,000 pages) or 5,000 individual items (e.g., photographs, manuscript pages, posters) from no more than 5 distinct collections. This number may be adjusted based on the number of applications the BPL receives. For information about what types of content may be contributed, see the Collection Development Policy.
  4. The BPL is prepared to accommodate as many valid requests as possible. The BPL reserves the right to prioritize the sequence of scanning based on various factors, including when the collection is ready for digitization, how long the organization has been a member of DC, and/or workflow-related issues (e.g., size, format, quantity).
  5. Preference will be given to organizations that have not yet used the BPL’s digitization services.
  6. Upon request, digital files can delivered to applicants via portable hard drives. Some types of files may be made available via HTTP download links.
  7. To qualify for these digitization services, the organization must commit to making the digitized materials created through this program available via DC systems.
  8. The BPL will conduct customized consultative and evaluative site visits as necessary to assist the applicant in preparing for the digitization process.
  9. The BPL cannot currently digitize microforms, roll film, audio, or video. However, the BPL encourages inclusion of these formats in applications, so that it may evaluate which services to provide in the future.
  10. The BPL cannot and will not make assessments regarding the copyright status of materials submitted for digitization. The acceptance of a digitization request and the subsequent provision of digital reproductions by the BPL do NOT constitute permission by any copyright holder and are NOT a substitute for diligent compliance with all applicable copyright requirements.
  11. The BPL reserves the right to decline materials that exhibit signs of extensive fragility, disrepair, volatility, instability, mold, infestation, or other conditions that may adversely affect the aforementioned materials, other materials, or the BPL staff and/or equipment during the digitization process.

For further clarification about this project, please contact:  digital@bpl.org

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