Board of Trustees Committees

Agendas and minutes for the subcommittees are kept online for the past three years. Information on meetings beyond three years is available by request. To request this information please email Pamela Carver at

Upcoming Committee Meetings can be found on our Upcoming Board of Trustees Meetings page.

Active Committees 

Fellowes Athenaeum Trust Advisory Committee

  • Evelyn Arana-Ortiz, Chair*
  • Priscilla Foley
  • Jacqueline Johnson
  • Allen Knight
  • Elizabeth T. Nagarajah
  • Che Madyun
  • Representative Chynah Tyler, Vice Chair*

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Evelyn Arana-Ortiz, Chair*
  • Navjeet Bal*
  • John Hailer*
  • Jeffrey Hawkins*
  • David Leonard
  • Senator Mike Rush*

Special Collections Committee

  • Jabari Asim*
  • Joe Berman*
  • Ben Bradlee Jr., Chair*
  • Charles Cooney
  • K. Matthew Dames, Vice Chair
  • Elliot B. Davis
  • Juan Enriquez
  • Jeff Hawkins*
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • David Leonard
  • Beth Prindle

Governance and Development Committee

  • John Hailer, Chair*
  • Navjeet Bal*
  • Cheryl Cronin*
  • Linda Dorcena Forry*
  • David Leonard
  • Christian Westra*
  • Lynn Perry Wooten*

Executive Committee 

  • Priscilla H. Douglas, Chair*
  • Evelyn Arana-Ortiz, Vice Chair*
  • Ben Bradlee*
  • Cheryl Cronin*
  • Linda Dorcena Forry*
  • Jeff Hawkins*
  • John Hailer*

Community Engagement Committee

  • Evelyn Arana-Ortiz*
  • Joseph Berman*
  • Michelle Coleman
  • Linda Dorcena Forry, Chair*
  • Imari K. Paris Jeffries
  • David Leonard, President
  • John Linehan
  • Jose C. Masso III, Vice Chair*
  • Dayron J. Miles
  • Nam Pham
  • Representative Chynah Tyler*
  • Pam Waterman

Past Committees

Capital Projects Committee
Education Committee
Joint Government and Community Relations Committee
Trustees Nominating Committee
Maury A. Bromsen Lecture Committee

*Indicates Trustee member

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