Facts & Figures

50,196 new library cards issued, 2,264592 in-person visits systemwide, 1,868,183 print and 3,826,813 e-content make up total circulation, 11,356 KBLIC alcove bookings, 126 Entrepreneur-in-Residence Appointments, 123 KBLIC events with 2,004 attendees, 23,977 items added from Special Collections to Digital Commonwealth, 156 KBLIC 3D prints, 2,531 rare or unique items available in-person to researchers, 6,779 in-person visits to Special Collections

Library-generated Statistics

Boston Public Library Quarterly Usage Reports

Boston Public Library Yearly Accomplishments

State-level Statistics

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) collects and analyzes financial, demographic, and personnel data and information on public libraries' staffing and services. The data are compiled each year in a series of reports.

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