The Great Boston Fire of 1872

On November 9, 1872, a fire broke out in Boston's commercial district. It would prove to be the most destructive fire in Boston's history. Before it was brought under control, a large part of downtown Boston would be left in ruins. The fire started in the basement of a building on the corner of Kingston…
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Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a federal holiday which honors those men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. It is observed each year on November 11. Veterans Day traces its history back to the end of World War I. Military hostilities ceased at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the…
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Karl Marx at 200: Time to Revisit?

This year is the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth (May 5, 1818). The anniversary is being celebrated throughout the world. It is especially celebrated in Trier, Germany, where Marx was born. China presented the city a large bronze statue of Marx. Trier changed its pedestrian lights to show images of the famous philosopher. Memorabilia…
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