Using Vital Records to Research Your Ancestors

Vital Records are government produced records documenting births, marriages, and deaths. They are important sources of information in genealogy research. They can contain information about a person's job, where they lived, and other family members.   Below is an overview of how to access vital records.   Good Things to Know In Massachusetts, vital records…
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Researching Native American Heritage

Researching Native American ancestry can be difficult for several reasons: Multiple legal and other definitions of what constitutes a Native American or American Indian Differing levels of legal recognition of tribes; some may be recognized on the state level but not the federal level, some may not be recognized at all Necessary record collections scattered…
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Researching Your Female Ancestors

Researching your female ancestors can be difficult. Women can be hard to track because of the standard practice of changing their surnames after marriage. Many historical records also focus on men, with women listed only under their husbands’ names. Here is some guidance for researching female ancestors, including information about sources at the BPL and beyond that you may not have thought to check.
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