Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day celebrates women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Lovelace was born in 1815 in England to Lord and Lady Byron. Most historians consider Lovelace the first computer programmer. In the 1840s, Charles Babbage created a design for an Analytical Engine that could do complex math. Ada Lovelace wrote a series of instructions for the Analytical Engine. She also realized that by using numbers as symbols, a computer like the Analytical Engine could do more than math. She imagined a future where computers could make pictures, music, and writing. We now live in that future.
Ada Lovelace's ideas were way ahead of her time. Ada Lovelace grew up in a time when women did not have the same access to education as men. Her ideas were way a head of her time. Her contributions to math and science continue to inspire new generations of girls to defy gender stereotypes. Many writers have chosen the name "Ada" for their young scientist characters in her honor.
Check out some great books on Ada Lovelace, coding, and women in STEM to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day!

 Ada Lovelace Day

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