Fantastic Stories in Black History, Present and Future!

Black History Month is one short month of the year, but Black characters in stories can reflect the past, present and future. Much of Black History Month celebrates the historic milestones and building blocks that have advanced civil rights. These stories revealed the grit and determination of a people who have made strides in arts, sciences, sports, and many other fields. But the Black characters we meet in books are not only great in the past. They also solve mysteries, wield magic, and live in fantastical worlds that help us imagine the future. The characters in the attached list are into magic and time travel and dinosaurs. Check out the list and see where it takes you!

Fantastic stories in Black History, Present and Future!

List created by MaijaM

African-Americans make history all around the world and in all different dimensions. Check out these stories that take place in different times and worlds where change is what you make of it.

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