Teen Volunteer Review: Legionnaire by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole


As part of Boston Public Library's Teen Volunteer Program, teens share their thoughts on books, movies, and more on our blog. This week, Lou Munger, a teen volunteer at the Roslindale Branch, is sharing his review of Legionnaire by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole:

Legionnaire is a Sci-Fi novel, the first in the 'Galaxy’s Edge' series. The book follows a unit of elite soldiers (Legionnaires) who fight to defend the Republic, as they attempt to defy the odds and survive deep in enemy territory after an operation gone-wrong.

I was extremely drawn to the characters in this book because they are complex and the emphasis on the brotherhood formed by the soldiers made me feel almost as though I was fighting alongside them. I was also captivated by the intense action as well as the many twists and turns that occurred throughout the novel.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes military-themed books or Sci-Fi in general.