Teen Volunteer Review: The Serafina Series

Boston Public Library's teen volunteer program has gone remote! As part of this program, local high schoolers will be sharing their thoughts on books, movies, and more on our blog. In today's review, Edward M. Kennedy freshman Mariam Joumal talks about her favorite series: Serafina by Robert Beatty.

I would give the Serafina series by Robert Beatty a 5-star rating. This series is a fantasy/mystery series about a girl trying to figure out why other kids are disappearing from her home. I learned about this awesome series by searching for fantasy books. Then, by coincidence, I got Serafina and the Black Cloak as a gift. The series is just so interesting and I love how the plot keeps thickening and thickening as the books go on. The suspense and mystery keep you hooked and unable to put the book down.

All of the characters are also so lovable. I especially like Serafina and how she finds out she's half-wildcat, half-human. I kept cheering for her on every page. I even jumped out of my seat when she finds missing family members. Overall, this is such a wholesome and cute series, but it adds in some suspense and mystery as well.

I would recommend this series to tweens and teens. But it is such a magical read that I encourage everyone to try it! I especially encourage people who have a hard time picking up a book to try this series, since I found it so hard to put down. I've been hooked and I can't wait for what Robert Beatty has in store for us next. If you liked The School for Good and Evil and or Fish in A Tree then you will definitely enjoy this series!