The Thrifty Wedding: 6 More Ways to Save

This is a series focused on how any couple headed to the altar can find ways to cut back on spending without sacrificing their vision for the big day. Stay tuned for upcoming posts in this series. The next one will be on how to save on your honeymoon.

We've covered a lot of ways you can save money on your wedding. Here are six additional ways that can contribute towards reducing your budget for your wedding day.

1. Make your own photo background. Instead of renting a photo booth, consider making your own backdrop for your guests to take photos in front of. You can use balloons, streamers, or flowers to affix to the background to make Instagram-worthy backgrounds. You can also buy one of the cameras that print physical photos. Have guests take a picture and leave in in your guest book, or have them keep it as a party favor.

2. Use a playlist for your reception music. Instead of hiring a band or a DJ, consider using a playlist you and your partner have curated. You can use Hoopla Streaming Music, the Jazz Music Library, or our other free music resources to find inspiration for your dance music.

3. Skip the limo. Instead of renting a limo to get to and from the ceremony and/or reception, consider renting a less expensive vehicle, or even carpool with one of your close family or friends.

4. Cut down on the time between ceremony and reception. Your photographer and musicians may charge you for the extra wait time, even if they’re not working.

5. Go simple with the welcome bags. To save, don't spend money creating lots of cute knickknacks for everyone. Instead, consider giving each person a note and a bottle of wine or nice chocolates, or something else they will enjoy without having to find the space for them in their homes. Or, skip the gifts all together.

6. Unless you have a really small wedding, don’t have it at someone's home. Chairs, flatware, linens, and portable bathrooms (for starters) can add up very quickly and end up costing more money than hosting your reception at another location. While renting from a place to host your reception may seem like a lot of money, consider what you’re getting in return: a space equipped for dancing, music, lighting, clean bathrooms, and a cleanup crew after the reception.