Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, the anxiety is already creeping in on those who despise the holiday. If you are one of those people who dread the hearts and teddy bears in every store, or inappropriate public displays of affection, this guide is for you! There's also something here for couples who hate the intense pressure placed on them to make the day like a scene straight out of a rom-com.

  • Have a Self-Care Day! 

You should set aside time for self care many times a year. The importance of taking care of your mental health and well being cannot be overstated. What better day than the holiday of love to show yourself some affection? It can be as simple as binge-watching your favorite movies and shows. Or, as elaborate as setting up a bubble bath and soaking with your favorite drink. Dealers choice!

  • Celebrate Galentines Day! 

No significant other in sight? Spend time with your gal pals instead! February 13 is Galentines Day and it's all about women celebrating women. We can never have too much of that, so be sure to celebrate the women in your life all year round! Take a look at this list of books that include compelling female friendships and share them with your friends

  • Enjoy all the Noms! 

Being bombarded with all the amazing treats that come along with Valentines Day may not be the worst thing in the world. However, don't get scammed like the rest of the lovesick suckers out there. The best day to procure your goodies (e.g. candy) is the day after the holiday, February 15, when everything is HALF-OFF. Have a weakness for chocolate in particular? Check out this booklist on the history of chocolate! 

  • Don't Break the Bank! 

In the age of social media, the pressure to do extravagant things for Valentines Day is crushing. God forbid your plans aren't Instagram worthy. You run the risk of being ridiculed and trolled to no end. Don't let that intimidate you into spending money you don't have. The simple things are still important as long as they are things that you and your significant other enjoy. Here are some books with DIY gift ideas to get you started!

Edible DIY 

Candlemaking the Natural Way 

Gifts in Jars 

  • Go on a Blind Date with a Book!

Reader Services at The Central Library in Copley Square has created a Blind Date with a Book display in the New and Novel area. Chose an anonymously wrapped book with vague details on the package that will guide you to a perfect match. 

  • It's Just Another Day! 

The most important thing to remember is that it can just be another typical day if you desire. Grab your usual coffee before work. Pick up where you left off in your current podcast. Take your usual trip to the local library! Celebrating or even acknowledging the holiday is not mandatory. That state of mind can ease the stress that usually comes with the holiday.