Fields Corner Branch Project

Fields Corner Branch Planning Study

In FY19 planning will continue on a facility assessment and building program. The $12.1 million investment in the Fields Corner Branch includes a facility assessment, developing a building program, and supporting the construction of a new facility that supports the needs of the community.

Fields Corner Programming Study Final Document 02.14.2020, opens a new window
Fields Corner Community Meeting #4 11.18.2019
Fields Corner Recent Community Feedback 09.30.2019
Fields Corner Community Meeting #3 Minutes 06.17.2019
Fields Corner Community Meeting #2 Minutes 04.08.2019
Fields Corner Public Meeting #3 Presentation 06.17.2019
Fields Corner Programming Study Feedback 04.11.2019
Fields Corner Public Meeting #2 Presentation 04.08.2018
Fields Corner Library Study Community Meeting Minutes 12.12.2018
Fields Corner Programming Study Community Meeting 12.12.2018

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