Online Registration and eCard FAQ

The Boston Public Library eCard gives you instant access to thousands of ebooks, movies, audio files, magazines and more.

Boston Public Library eCard

Link to eCard registration form


Your BPL eCard gives you access to:


To register for an eCard, you must meet one of the following criteria:

Additionally, you must be an individual age 13 or older with no other active library card with the BPL. To comply with COPPA, we can't allow children under 13 to fill out the registration form.

When Your eCard Expires

You can renew your eCard by resubmitting the registration form starting 10 days before its expiration date. Be sure to submit your updated address if has changed. Renew now. Please note that physical library cards cannot be renewed using this form and must be renewed in person at one of our locations.

Upgrade Your eCard

Full BPL library cards entitle you to all benefits of an eCard and more, including:

eCards can be upgraded at any BPL or MBLN location. Bring either a Massachusetts driver's license/ID card or other proof of your eligibility.

Checkouts, holds, and wishlists of downloadable audiobooks and eBooks can be transferred to your new card with a request sent to Please include both card numbers in the email and allow one weekday for the transfers to complete.


If your question isn't listed here, or if you need more help with your eCard, please contact us at

What if I have forgotten my eCard number?

Fill out the registration form again, using the same email address you used when you registered. If we find an existing active account in our system for your email address, we'll email you a reminder of your eCard number.

What does it mean when I get the error (1) Patron has blocks or is expired?

Most of the time, this means that your eCard has expired and it is time to renew it. But if your card is new or you're certain that it isn't due for expiration, then there's something else going on. We can help you out at

If I upgrade my eCard, can I transfer my lists from my online catalog account to my new llibrary card?

Unfortunately transfers are limited to information related to Overdrive, our platform for audio and ebooks.

If you'd like to reuse your user name from our online catalog, we can unregister it for you, making it available. Get in touch with us at

How do I get a card for my corporation, business, library or institution?

Library cards for corporations, businesses, libraries, and other institutions must be obtained in person at one of our locations. Institutional cards provide borrowing and interlibrary loan privileges, but do not allow remote access to electronic resources, due to vendor licensing restrictions.