Boston Public Library
Library Cards

Expiration and Renewal FAQ


How can I tell when my library card will expire?


You can always sign in to your account online to check your library card expiration date. Library cards expire two years after they are issued.



How may I renew my library card?


Stop by any Boston Public Library location and we'll gladly renew your library card. Be sure to bring the proper identification to show you are still eligible for a card.



May I renew my expired eCard?


Although we do not renew expired eCards, you're welcome to register for a new one. Since you're only allowed to have one library card at a time, please wait until the first eCard expires before attempting to register for a replacement.

If you have any eBook or downloadable media holds that haven't yet been filled on your old card, we'll need to transfer them to your new account. Simply forward the confirmation email you receive for your new eCard to We can ask our digital media vendor to transfer any holds from your old eCard to the new one.