Enchanting Entrepreneurship

Harry Potter’s Birthday is coming up on July 31! And while magic might not be real or as fantastic in Rowling’s books, it’s still a pretty lucrative business. Magicians even have backing from one member of congress.

According to Forbes, David Copperfield is worth $850 Million and raked in $61.5 Million in 2017. But you don’t have to headline at Vegas to be successful. From corporate gigs, cruise ships, and colleges a magician can charm any audience.

Psychics have been cashing in too, with a 2.4 % growth from 2011-2016. The Psychic Services industry is valued at over $2 billion. In fact, some corporations have hired psychics to act as business consultants.  

But beware of scams. If you feel you have been the victim of fraud, you can file a complaint with Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

While some mystic moguls seem to have conjured up a winning business strategy, starting a business should be no mystery to you. At the Kirstein Business Library and Innovation Center we have multiple resources to help you with your business needs. We have an online business plan guide as well as online courses you can take to boost your prowess. We even have in-person workshops, so be sure to check the calendar for small business and entrepreneurship events.

The Kirstein Business Library also has databases you can use to find your competition and potential clients too. One such database is AtoZdatabases. You can add criteria to your search such as geography, industry codes, revenue, number of employees, and so on. 

Industry codes can be helpful when narrowing down your search. The Standard Industrial Classification or SIC code for Magicians is 7929008 and for Psychics it’s 7999173. With AtoZdatabases, you can download individual business profiles or download a .csv list of businesses that you can import into other programs to create a contact list. 

Lastly, if you are a fan of magic posters, the Boston Public Library has some digitized Russian Magic Posters you can view.