Has COVID-19 Affected Your Business?

EDIT: The US chamber or commerce has issued has a quick guide about the CARE Act

Since Governor Baker enacted the Stay at Home advisory, businesses around Boston and the Commonwealth are feeling the pressure.

Because of the nature of the virus, many businesses are not able to serve their customers during this pandemic.  

To help small business owners, the Small Business Association (SBA) has issued the following guidance for small businesses looking for help:

There's local help too

On March 16, Governor Baker has announced the creation of a $10 Million Small Business Recover Loan fund to provide small business with financial relief due to COVID-19's impact. 

Yesterday, Mayor Walsh also announced resources for small businesses in Boston affected by COVID-19. 

WGBH has assembled this list of grants and resources for artists and nonprofits who are struggling in the wake of the pandemic.

KBLIC is here to help you too with your research requests. Learn more here.

Customers can help!

Yes! You can help your favorite small businesses keep their doors open.

Some small businesses have set up the ability to buy gift cards online through their website. Others have shift to online only for the time being. Think about buying from them before using an large online retailer. You can also show your support on social media too.

And just because businesses are closed now does not mean they will be closed for ever. Reschedule your appointments if you can. 

Be good to each other and we can weather this storm together.