NOOOOO!!!! I Lost All of my Photos!!

Congratulations!! It was an eventful drive, but you and your friends finally made it to the Grand Canyon!  The golden hour is here and the sunset is stunning! You want to remember this moment forever. You walk to the edge, reverse your camera, frame the shot for a perfect group selfie, and... BAM! A message pops up on your screen stating, “YOUR STORAGE IS FULL.” Don’t panic. It’s annoying, but not the end of world. As you delete pictures of puppies from your phone, your friend slips on a rock, grabs your arm for support and bumps your phone over the edge of the Grand Canyon! Your phone, and its full storage, fly through the air, end over end. All you can do is watch. With every smash off a rock or tree branch, you see a piece of your phone break away, and with it, some memories. There go your pictures swimming in the Blue Lagoon. There go your memories of drinking vino in Italy. There go the videos of your nephew’s first steps you have yet to send to your sister….. Now, it’s time to panic.

Google Photos is the superhero app we never knew we needed, until this very moment. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Google Photos is Google’s cloud storage specifically for photos and videos. Backup all of your memories in one place, while making room for new ones. Create albums, share photos with ease, quickly locate pictures, and so much more! The Boston Public Library will be conducting a 2 class series on Google Photos on Wednesdays, October 23 & 31 from 12 - 1p.m. Don’t make a grand mess of your memories! Learn how to save your photos/videos before they disappear over a cliff or drown in a puddle. Still not convinced? Check out this video!