UH-OH! How Do You Say…?

Are you traveling down the coast of Italy, but you missed your train? Hiking the Inca Trail and need to locate the nearest bathroom?  Starving in the middle of a big tent during Oktoberfest, but do not know what to order? Fear not! Mango Languages can help!

Mango Languages is a fantastic language learning program free through the Boston Public Library’s online resources. It combines vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture in one integrated experience. Through the use of repetition and real life conversations, you will learn more than just words, but how to communicate within your new world.

You can break away from your computer and learn on the go by downloading the Mango Languages app on your phone or tablet. You can practice Japanese on the subway while commuting to work, or watch videos in Arabic on the bus while visiting a friend. Mango currently offers classes in 72 different languages and this number is constantly growing. So put some stamps in your passport and travel to your next destination with confidence! 

For further language learning interest, please explore the World Language Learning Research Guide.