An Interview with Writer-In-Residence Danielle Emerson

The Associates of the Boston Public Library recently announced that Danielle Emerson, of Providence, RI, has been awarded the 2023-2024 Writer-in-Residence. Danielle is a Diné writer of fiction, poetry, plays, and creative essays from Shiprock, NM, on the Navajo Nation. She has a B.A. in Education Studies and a B.A. in Literary Arts from Brown…
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Natalie Curtis Burlin and Angel De Cora

Natalie Curtis Burlin, a white ethnomusicologist and composer from New York, and Angel De Cora, a Ho-Chunk artist from Nebraska, were two educated women who lived at the same time period and had a shared interest in the lives of Native Americans. Curtis Burlin was interested in preserving the music of different tribes as it existed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. De Cora was interested in depicting Native Americans as a people whose outward appearance changed as they gradually became assimilated into white culture. In 1907, Curtis Burlin's book, The Indians' Book, which included many illustrations and lettering by De Cora, was published.
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13 Days of Halloween for Adults

From pumpkin spice everything to twelve-foot skeletons in your neighbor's yard, it's not October without some seasonal flare. Occult forces, all too human monsters, and even the beauty industry make these horror novels perfect for Halloween. And remember, as the nights grow longer, you're running out of time to read scary stories in the safety…
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13 Days of Halloween for Teens

It’s almost Halloween, so it’s the perfect time to read something spooky! Whether you prefer slashers, sci-fi, or the supernatural, you’ll find something on this list to terrify and delight. Check one (or several) out, curl up with something pumpkin-flavored, and don’t forget to turn on a light! 1. You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight…
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13 Days of Halloween for Children

October means that it’s time for spooky stories, dark and stormy nights, and the occasional ghost-sighting. That means that it’s time to hunker down, grab a flashlight, and read any of these scary books for children just in time for Halloween! Here, you’ll find buses breaking down in the middle of nowhere, haunted lakes, werewolves…
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Queer Lit Review: October 2023

Hi everyone, welcome to the October 2023 edition of the Queer Lit Review blog! This month we have a young actress trying to make it in Hollywood, another actress falling in love on the stage, and three women fleeing trauma finding family and themselves in a donut shop.  These titles may be available in other…
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Researching Native American Heritage

Researching Native American ancestry can be difficult for several reasons: Multiple legal and other definitions of what constitutes a Native American or American Indian Differing levels of legal recognition of tribes; some may be recognized on the state level but not the federal level, some may not be recognized at all Necessary record collections scattered…
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