Queer Fiction Blog: June 2021

Welcome to the June 2021 edition of the Queer Fiction Blog! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!!! The annual We Are Pride list is officially out! Every year a committee of super queer and very awesome librarians puts together a list for children, teens, and adults of the best LGBTQ+ books published the year before. You can…
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Read the English version of this post. 如何对一个社区的历史进行研究?当所需的记录分散在众多地点,如何才能开展这项研究?我们致力于为对唐人街历史展开调查的社区研究人员简化这一过程。BPL、波士顿研究中心以及东北大学图书馆与社区组织合作,以对唐人街的历史藏品开展盘点工作。继续阅读本文,了解我们如何收集社区反馈以寻找波士顿地区的历史藏品,以及我们如何利用这些材料来了解唐人街的历史…
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